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Thread: Help A Novice!!

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    Question Help A Novice!!

    I dont know if what im about to say will make any sense. Im inexperienced in Content Management, but I know it has PHP and MySQL, so i posted this thread here...

    Anyway I have a few questions for the experienced coders out there:

    1) I would like to create a CMS, that is part of a web development business, so clients can log in from the Sign In page (of the web development business) and manage there site through their own login... is that possible?? If so can you provide any information as to how to go about doing this mammoth task

    2) Lets say the above is not possible or even if it is, would it work if clients used a hosting with the web development business??

    I want to know these things as im very keen to learn CMS' without using Joomla or other software to help, from scratch I would like to enable my clients to upload, edit and delete content on there site through there login at the web development business website

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance

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    Well, that is certainly quite a task for a novice! What you're describing is possible, but would involve several advanced PHP concepts, as well as probably having access to an advanced hosting environment.

    Assuming that your clients all had sites that all followed a basic format, you would want to design a database that was controlled by one back-end program (that your clients could log into and use), and then make those databases accessible to the individual front-ends (perhaps using some kind of templating system, like SMARTY).

    You might not want to use a system like Joomla or Wordpress, but I would suggest downloading a copy of these systems and trying to figure out how they work - to get a feel for how others have designed CMS systems.

    You can also look into using a framework like CakePHP, CodeIgnitor, etc...

    Please note that all of these things that I'm mentioning are not really for beginners. Developing a system like the one you're talking about is extremely advanced. But you do have to start somewhere. And I usually like to try to see how others have solved a problem before I try to tackle it myself.

    Good luck!

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