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    Going nuts: Comic Navigation site

    here's what I want to do:

    I want to make a webpage that does a few things...

    I want it to have an ID navigation, like .php%Id=1 or however that looks.

    I want to ID to display a page that also has a comic page (image) with the same ID and some information with it related to that comic.
    I imagine there would be some SQL stuff involved. It'd be great to be able to make a page where I can select a image off my computer, type in some text information, and submit it.

    In my original idea, doing so would generate a new webpage on my server (another .php with a new ID, like page 10 when the last is page 9) and then the PHP just references it.

    I heard SQL can store information. It works in tables, and has like an ID for each row and information in that row. I can understand maybe getting the submitted information (from the textfield in the upload) but how do I get it to reference an image? If I had it uploaded to the server in a folder, can I have the SQL table contain a link?
    Is there a way I can have it so it says /images/comic*.jpg where * is equal to the ID?

    I also want a next and previous button which basically say "Go to this ID+1 or go to this ID-1"

    Then I want the main page to show the comic (image) equal to the ID, and the information with the ID as well.

    My problem is I don't understand how to have a webpage generate this information and show it. I don't see how an SQL database can link and image, and I don't understand uploading an image into the database.

    I'm a moron entirely at coding. I don't know PHP syntax and I don't know SQL scripting. I can understand it if people define what code lines do though.

    Can ANYONE help me? I need this done today.

    My ideal page would work like this:


    img src href="images/image(#= Page ID).jpg"

    information based on SQL database =page ID

    Previous (ID -1, not less than 1) Next (ID+1, not more than total amount)
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    Have you considered using WordPress for your site?
    WordPress doesn't just have to be for blogs. You can customize it
    to be a CMS-based system for your website ... and you can make
    your own templates and graphics for it.


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