Hi guys, I'm new to this forum so I'm not sure I'm posting this in the right section.So, to help you understand my problem here's a small overview of my function. I'm using Nusoap to call a web Service using the send Method because for some reason the "Call" method isn't actually returning anything back. It all works fine and I have a couple of methods I'm accessing through this web service but somehow on every page's source code the Raw Xml I retrieve from this Web Service is visible. Is There a way to Hide this from the source code?

Another problem I can't solve is that on a certain method I'm Calling some of the XML is actually Printing on the Page and I cannot understand how that's possible? If I'm not mistaken, PHP doesn't print anything encapsulated in an XML Format and I'm sure there's no "echo", "print_r" or "var_dump" in the function. One thing though, I am calling this method using WSDL but I use Soap Calls and push Soap vars with the other methods so that could be it.