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    is making a wordpress plugin profitable?

    I'm a webdesigner and have been getting into Wordpress more and more lately, I think I"ll run out of business if I don't keep up with CMS! Well anyway, I've also been studying PHP and after using some plugins realized it could be kinda fun and useful to add some plugins. For example, I have to find a calendar plugin to use, and thought that the way they work isn't the best, and could definitely be improved. So I thought maybe I should start to really focus on PHP as well.

    But here's the question. When programmers spend time making a plugin, do they really benefit from it? I'm talking about money. I can't afford to spend time on something that won't profit me in the end. I really don't enjoy it enough to spend the time just for kicks. If someone makes a successful plugin, do they really profit from it? Maybe their name gets out there, which brings them a lot more and better customers. Is that the case? Or do the programmers who add free plugins to Wordpress just really enjoy programming, so that's how they like to spend their time?

    Actually, the same question would apply to these forums. For you guys who spend lots of time replying to everyone's questions, do you do it just because you enjoy helping out and being faced with new problems? Or do you also do it because it brings you more business? Either way, I do very much appreciate the time you spend, thanks!

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    I've made a lot of money in the mod market, but not wordpress, never got into that. But I could sell a mod for even as low as 9$ a pop, and make over 100 in a few weeks, but thats the simple mods, then I go into the advanced onces and sell em for nearly 100$ a pop, sell 10 of those and you made 1,000.

    It just depends on what the wordpress mod market is like.
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