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    Depending dropdownmenus with mysql database

    I have a problem and searched a lot on internet but haven't found the right solution for it. I found ajax but the one I found was hard coded and not from the database.

    Here is my problem:

    I have 2 dropdownmenu's, the second depending on the selection of the first. After the select of the second is also made an id from the database (linked to the second) is shown in a text field.

    The code I already have can show the first dropdown filled but to refresh and fill the second I dont have yet (probably javascript, but dont know how).

    Here is the code I have:
    PHP Code:
    // open connection to MySQL server 
    $connection mysql_connect('localhost''hgdhhgd''password'
            or die (
    'Unable to connect!'); 
    //select database 
    mysql_select_db('bestellingen') or die ('Unable to select database!'); 
    $sql 'SELECT * FROM hesk_programma ORDER BY Programma ASC'
    $result mysql_Query($sql) or die ('Error in query: $query. ' mysql_error()); 

    $menuContent2 ''$menuArray2 ''
      while ( 
    $row mysql_fetch_array$result ) ) { 
    $menuArray2    .= "      dArray['$row[Programma]'];\n"
    $menuContent2 .= "        <option value=\"$row[Programma_id]\">$row[Programma]</option>\n"
       if( isset(
    $_POST['Programma_id']) ){ 
    $query 'SELECT * FROM hesk_projecten WHERE `Project_id` = \''.mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['Programma_id']).'\''
    $result mysql_Query($sql) or die ('Error in query: $query. ' mysql_error()); 

    $menuContent1 ''$menuArray1 ''
      while ( 
    $row mysql_fetch_array$result ) ) { 
    $menuArray1    .= "      dArray['$row[Project]'];\n"
    $menuContent1 .= "        <option value=\"$row[Project_id]\">$row[Project]</option>\n"
    <select id="nameid2" name="name2">         
            <option name="select name2" value="select name2">Selecteer leverancier</option>         
            <?PHP echo $menuContent2?>       

    <select id="nameid1" name="name1">         
            <option name="select name1" value="select name1">Selecteer leverancier</option>         
            <?PHP echo $menuContent1?>       

    <name="projectnum" id="projectnum" size="20" value="<?php echo stripslashes(hesk_input($_SESSION['c_projectnum']));?>">
    Any help would be great.

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    Are you open to using jQuery? There is a very elegant plugin that handles this all for you, if you want to give it a shot.



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