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    Question How to make function to read TXT file and modify?

    I would like to read file on server's folder and modify LIST
    with convert to Lowercase and Uppercase and first letters to Uppercase.

    As there will be many functions of modification how to do with functions for each modification?

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    Okay, unfortunately I had trouble understanding your post so this may not be what you're looking for.

    You will need:
    fopen(); - Opens file or URL
    fclose(); - Closes an open file pointer
    strtoupper(); - Makes an entire string uppercase
    strtolower(); - Makes an entire string lowercase
    ucfirst(); - Makes the first character in a string uppercase
    lcfirst(); - Makes the first character in a string lowercase

    Be sure to check out the examples given for all of these functions so you can see how to utilize them.

    Using the above functions you'll be able to create a script that opens a file, and, using a loop in conjunction with the above string functions, performs your modifications.
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