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    session variable problem in credit card processing

    hi ,

    i have four pages -- page 1 , page2 , page 3 , page4

    page 1 has CC form ,--
    page2 perform the transction
    page 3 opens if transaction true
    page 4 opens when transaction false

    page 2 goes to page 3 with two variables Bank number and invoice No.

    on page 3 i have two session variables


    orderId is used to enter information in sometables

    Now the problem is suppose i have opened 1 instance of page 1 which contains CC information with orderId in the session variable and other variables it psot to bank

    Now suppose i open i more instace of page 1 on another page of browser
    at that time i will have another another orderId in session.

    Now if i go back to first page 1 and perform transaction then when i come back to page 3 it has

    OrderId in session of another instance of page which i opened and results gets mixed

    what should be the solution?

    what i was thinking that should i post orderid from page 2 to page 3 ?

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    You should be unsetting the session data when the transaction complete. I can't help you more than that without seeing code. Post some code and we'll help you out.

    Just to help keep you safe: Please be VERY careful about credit card data! It is illegal to store it, even in a session. If you are storing it in the session, in a database or hard file, then you are looking at serious security and legal issues.
    If I'm postin here, I NEED YOUR HELP!!


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