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    Grabbing a random list of items, one per line?

    Hey guys,

    Sorry I am pretty stuck, what I want to do though is search these lines of data, line by line, and grab a random word from each line, until a reach a limit. So far I have this,

    foreach ($test as $tag){

    $newtag = $tag['Story'];

    $tags = implode(',', $newtag);


    ^What this gives me is a result like this:

    computer, believe, see, hate

    computer, newegg

    person, walking

    Now how can I loop through these lines to grab a random word from each one, until I reach a limit, say 10. What I had in mind was a while loop, something like this,

    foreach ($test as $tag){

    $newtag = $tag['Story'];

    $tags = implode(',', $newtag);
    //$data = pr($tags);
    echo $tags;
    echo "<br />";


    Any suggestions? Thanks.
    I am on my way. :)

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    Try using array_rand().


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