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Thread: Link help

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    Link help

    Hi this code is for a search button and when you click it a search box drops down. Instead of clicking an image to drop down the search I would like them to just click the words Search, can anyone show me how to modify this code to do that.

    <div style=\"cursorointer; position:relative;\" onmouseover=\"changebuttonstatus('11','searchbutton')\" onmouseout= \"changebuttonstatus('12','searchbutton')\" name=\"searchbutton\"><img name=\"searchbutton\" src=\"".$mosConfig_live_site."/components/com_seyret/themes/".$theme."/images/".$image_lang_dir."/search.png\" border=\"0\" onclick=\"showsearchbox()\">

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    That would be more on the javascript side than php. You might get more help going to the client side development part of codingforums.
    PHP and MYSQL
    $string = "3Ip*hKEpanKI#8dmUys&*KqlIJ*P8D";
    $new_string = ereg_replace("[^a-z]", "", $string);
    echo "<a href=http://www.$new_string.org>$new_string</a>";


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