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    How does PHP handle session files cleanup?

    I was wondering if anyone knew how PHP by default handles the cleanup of session files created on the server as a result of using the feature. Can I assume it will always be deleted periodically, or do I have to configure PHP to do so?

    I hate to have a folder full of "garbage" files after some time due to using sessions.
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    The frequency of garbage collection is set in the PHP.ini , you can override the session parameters by using ini_set() , but unless you have a particular need I would suggest you leave as per default settings.

    You can also create your own session handler using a DB etc , OTT for most scenarios though & with a performance hit.
    ... if you have a real busy site you can up the session.gc_probability via ini_set() but that too could affect performance.

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    And you can view all this information easily if you create a php file and put this in it:




    Which will produce this:


    And you can look in the session section to see what everything is set to.
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    You can also create your own session handler using a DB etc , OTT for most scenarios though & with a performance hit.
    Well, if I could have a unique value for any user comming to my site, I could have entered that into my DB and then querying it based on that value, but how can I do that for different visitors if I can not recognize who is who, or better to say not using their own computer ( cookies) and some automatic server properties to do it?
    I read that somewhere else also, I mean using your DB instead of a session, but couldn't find out how. I don't wana use their IP as their recognizer coz as you know you can disconnect while viewing a page and then log on! It's not also unique.



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