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    PHP GD gif support enabled?

    Yo All,

    Quick PHPGD settings questions.
    My GD conf is as follws. You will notice that JPG and PNG say JPG Support, or PNG support.. whereas GIF says GIF read support ...

    Does that mean the GD cannot manipulate gifs? or it can but setting needs changing? Reason I ask is we have a program that manipulates a gif and after a GD update it says GIF not supporting in configuration. We do not have the old configuration.

    Any help be apperciated.
    Many thanks

    GD Support enabled
    GD Version bundled (2.0.12 compatible)
    FreeType Support enabled
    FreeType Linkage with freetype
    GIF Read Support enabled
    JPG Support enabled
    PNG Support enabled
    WBMP Support enabled
    XBM Support enabled

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    If you have the GD library (available at http://www.boutell.com/gd/) you will also be able to create and manipulate images.

    The format of images you are able to manipulate depend on the version of GD you install, and any other libraries GD might need to access those image formats. Versions of GD older than gd-1.6 support GIF format images, and do not support PNG, where versions greater than gd-1.6 and less than gd-2.0.28 support PNG, not GIF. GIF support was re-enabled in gd-2.0.28.
    Upgrade your gd library, it will work.
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    thanks for you reply

    unfortunetly im unable to update the Libary... which is why I was asking about the settings I have


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