Ok, I'm just learning perl, so this is probably going to be a stupid question, wrote a script that, get a post request or get request,

If post, it opens and writes to two files, then print "Location : http://www.domain.com/dir/inside.htm?mem||||mem||||$thg{'eml'}||||$thg{'nme'}\n\n";

If get, it opens and reads from two files, then prints the same as above.

I have MS personal web server running on my comp and it runs fine on that, but when I upload it to the remote server the location : doesn't work, it writes to the files and reads from them fine, just doesn't send me anywhere after that.

What it does is print, in the browser '<html><body></body></html>' (I would think that would be hidden, but it shows it plane as day as text in NS)

The print "location : ..." is the first thing my script sends out, (no text headers) infact it's the only thing my script should send out.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.