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    Shell or Perl script increment by 1 in a loop

    I'm trying to get the below code into a loop where it runs over and over again while increasing the ./rundate????????.sh by 1 day

    For example: First it runs "rundate20170101.sh" second it runs "rundate20170102.sh" .. .. .. fifteenth time runs "rundate20170115.sh"

    I'm trying to get this script to run from the start to finish. then loop back to the start but change the .rundate2070101.sh to rundate20170102.sh but the other questions still asked after the first loop.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    yn() { echo -n "$1: "
           while read  -sN1 x ; do
               case $x in [yn]) break ;; *) : ;; esac
           echo $x
           [ $x = y ] ; }
    yn "Do you want to install the new update? [Y/n]" || exit
    echo "Pick a rundate file: "
    select x in ./rundate????????.sh ; do $x ; break ; done
    yn "Would you like to run the patch? [Y/n]" || exit
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