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    how to use a specific font in perl ?

    Hello All

    please help, I have a calendar using perl script installed on my server...I know how to use/load fonts with CSS...with the @font-face...

    -but can can it be done in perl ?
    -what about the font types, eot, svg, ttf, woff....is it a good idea to load them all ? and how can this be done ?


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    Your question is too vague. In what context is the script being run? Is this for a web page, console app, GUI app?

    Since you mentioned CSS, should I assume that this is a web app?

    Are you asking about installing new font files in the server so that they can be used in your app, or how to select between the currently installed fonts?

    If this is for a web app, then the fonts used on the client side may not be the ones you specify in your app.

    Please post your code and explain what you're wanting to accomplish.
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