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Hopefully some one can assist with this issue.

Using Pcpin Chat 6.23(
Would like to intergrate chat into custom website. Website is a php site and has no login system.

Would like to create a login link that takes the user to the chat login in a pop up window and a Register link that will take the user to the register page in a pop up window individually.
After login, the login and register link change into the users USERNAME, accompanied by a link to access the CHAT MAIN. EX: Login(link to login) or Register(link to register) after user logs in, Login or Register become EX:Username(Display logged in USERNAME) - CHAT (link to CHAT MAIN, the main area of chat upon login, where you can view or create a room).

Currently the chat will not allow access in certain ways. On website there is a link to chat dir that access the chat in a pop up window. The link access the chat well the first time. Users can login and complete all actions. The second time, if the link is clicked while the user is logged in, will either create another login window to login again while logging the user out, or re access the original window when clicked, which is great, however it reloads the application which closes the chat application, back to the login screen again, not great. Also the link does not change upon login to USERNAME - CHAT(link to chat main), after user logs in it still says Register or Login.

After reading Quote "Now about session timeout. Let me explain how the it works. After you entered the chat, your browser sends a small request to server every N seconds (default value is 4 seconds) in order to tell the server you are still connected and ready to receive new messages from other chat users. If the server does not receives that request from your browser during long time period (session timeout setting) then it considers you as disconnected and logs you out. "

Maybe this will help with stopping the application from reloading, reseting or restarting, when the parent window is accessed. Only After user log out, or a much longer period of time.

If the link could re access or load the same window after a user logs in would be great. While replacing the login and register link with the USERNAME and a link to access the CHAT MAIN in a pop up window with out the chat reloading or resetting, until the user logs out.

If a chat link is clicked it should access the already open chat window. if user is not logged in, Login and Register would be displayed.

The login is contained in a frame on idexn.php in the chat application dir.

Basically i would like to integrate the chat with the web site, where the chat functions as the website is apart of it.

would really appreciate the login and register to echo/display usernames and link to the chat after user logs in. Tried a few methods and still trying.

Your help is greatly appreciated
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