Hi guys,

I've a code as below to parse a text file. Display all words after "Enter:" keyword on all lines of the text file. I'm getting displayed all words after "Enter:" keyword, but i wan't duplicated should not be repeated but its repeating. Please guide me as to wht is wrong in my code.
 #! /usr/bin/perl  use strict; use warnings;  $infile  "xyz.txt";  open (FILE, $infile) or die ("can't open file:$!");  if(FILE =~ /ENTER/ ){     	@functions = substr($infile, index($infile, 'Enter:')); 	@functions =~/@functions//; 	 	%seen=();  	@unique = grep { ! $seen{$_} ++ } @array; 	while (@unique != ''){ 		print '@unique\n'; 	}   	 }  close (FILE);