Hi Friends. I'm a new guy using perl and the first project i received on work is to automate the execution an html file in different browsers and grabbing the output data in to a text file. I have to use perl to do the automation. Now here is how the process goes..

> I can start the html file in whatever respective browser i want using system commands easily.
> The file does some calculations and appends the OUTPUT DATA TO THE URL OF THE NEW PAGE WHICH IT CREATES DYNAMICALLY.
> I cannot store the data directly as it will be a security issue so i opted to use AJAX in the html files to pass the output data as an xmlhttprequest to the server.
> I installed apache 2.2 from httpd.apache.org which is used for perl.

The only thing is i don't have any idea about how to handle this ajax request in perl on the server side. I just have to receive the data and store it in the text file or whatever.

I looked at the CGI module and tried to use it to access the html file directly and get the new self url but it doesn't work that way.
I also tried to install mod_perl module which is used for CGI communication but it shows me an error that my system doesn't have dmake.exe (i have activestate perl on windows7 64 bit home.)

Can anyone give me a little bit idea from where to start off to handle the ajax request on the server side in perl?

And yes, i also tried the CGI::Ajax module but it says the perl cannot find Ajax module. I already copied Ajax.pm file into the cgi-bin folder.