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    HELP - PERL script not working after server upgrade

    Hi All,

    I have a PERL script which has worked beautifully for years, but following an upgrade to my server host's PERL version 5.10.something, it has stopped and returns a 500 error.

    The line in question is this:

    $img_select.="<option>$_</option>\n" if -f "$image_dir/$_" && $_=~m/.\gif|.\jpg/i;
    It returns a drop-list for all files that are .gif or .jpg. The issue is where it says whether it is .gif or .jpg file. Can anyone tell me what I should change it to get it to get it to work?


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    There is a minor issue with the regex, but that wouldn't cause a 500 error.
    What makes you think that is the line causing the error?

    Have you checked the web server error log?

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    Unfortunately, we don't know what this will be ahead of time. The reason is that we schedule a chunk of accounts to be moved at a time. Our mover script then goes through the list and picks an appropriate server that has enough resources available and then moves it. You will be sent an email once the move has completed with the name of your new server in the Subject line. Once you get that email you'll be able to login to your web panel and go to the 'Manage Domains' section to get your new IP. Just click the DNS link for the domain in question and the new DNS information will be listed there.
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