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    will this while loop always do as I think?

    oops. foggy this morning. I should be using qty as the key if only one product can be chosen and if > 1 can be chosen, I need to do it totally differently. This is a non-question. lol

    gotta while loop, checking the $cgi->Vars; coming in from the previous script.

    I want to be sure that the quantity section will always know the product_id from earlier in the if/elsif clause. I wonder what would happen if the incoming vars were in a different order such that quantity was earlier than the product_id.

      while ( my ( $key, $value ) = each %vars ){
          print qq( k=$key , v=$value<br />);
          if ( $key eq 'bid' && $value =~ /^\d+$/){
              $business_id = $value;  
          elsif( $key eq 'pid' && $value =~ /^\d+$/ ){
              $product_id = $value; 	  
          elsif( $key =~ /^\d+$/ && $key == $product_id ){
              $quantity = $value;	  
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