I am writing a cgi script to call a confirmation dialogue before opening new pop up window:

<form name="myform" action="run_selected.pl" method=get onsubmit='return confirmAction(), window.open("about:blank","outputWindow","menubar=false, scrollbars=yes, toolbar=false");' target="outputWindow"> ";

function confirmAction() {
return confirm('Do you really want to continue with following selections ?' + '\nSelect OK if correct or Cancel to change selections.')

Running above script got confirmation message, where clicking OK or Cancel it opens pop-window.
I want to disable popup window on clicking cancel in confirmation dialogue.

I tried by replacing comma with semi-colon in "'return confirmAction(), window.open" but instead of opening pop-up window it opens new window-tab in browser.
This works fine first time - opens window tab on OK, and does nothing on Cancel.
But second time if I close the tab-window, then hitting OK doesn't perform any action.