I am a very self taught webmaster and only did so as I needed a website for my business, and therefore often fall at the slightest hurdle.

I have had a contact form on my website and it is written using html and then uses perl (cgi/bin) to process, I have the results of the form sent to my email address. I use an ISP that does not support php.

My form has been sending refferer spam (found on google as a list of bad websites that the sender is trying to get my server to save so they get better google ratings !)

I have tried everything that I can and have now created a new form which is not being attacked and I have created disposable email addresses for it so if it happens again I can just delete the email and use a new one,

but, the old form that is still being used and has an email address that I use for all our paper advertising ie business cards and leaflets. I know this as the field names are different, the old form does not exist anywhere on my website.

When searching for a solution using perl I came across this old thread,


but I cant make any of it work within my form, and the last comment over the brackets has me changing all the brackets and it still has me stumped.

So, can anyone recreate the 'omit characters like //| : from the comment box and therefore rejecting the submission of my old form ?

And would this now work ?

Or any better ideas ?