Hello all,

Really dumb perl/html question that I have not been able to find an answer for.

I have a web page that uses frames. One of the framesets is a table of contents (toc) and the other is the display_canvas. I want to be able to click on an entry in the toc pane and have it display a page/document/image in the canvas pane. Included in the canvas is a comment form as well as comments from previous readers.

I have created a page previously that would display a document and display the comments and comment box (statically). I would like this to be a new twist on this older page. Below is the code I use to define the frames:

<frame src="./banner_sp.htm" frameborder="0"></frame>
<frameset cols="15, 85">
<frame name="toc" src="./toc.htm" frameborder="0"></frame>
<frame name="canvas" src="./canvas.htm" frameborder="0"></frame>
<p>This document is just a test</p>

I have an idea for a perl script to generate the page I want to execute, but I have seen how to make the call for the perl::cgi.pm. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.