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    Win32::IEAutomation: Unable to select checkbox


    My task is to login to www.gmail.com and then select the checkbox corresponding to first mail and delete. However, I am unable to select the checkbox.

    Here is my snippet:

    use Win32::IEAutomation;
    use Data:umper;
    $,=" ";

    open FH, ">D:/material/Perl_ppts/test.txt" or die $!;

    $ie=Win32::IEAutomation->new(visible=>1, maximize=>1);






    $ie->getTextBox('id:', 'Email')->SetValue

    $ie->getTextBox('id:', 'Passwd')->SetValue

    #print $ie->PageText();

    $ie->getButton('id:', 'signIn')->Click;
    print Dumper($ie->URL());

    $ie->getCheckbox('id:',':nu')->Select; #Failed
    #then i tried this->
    $ie->getCheckbox('index:', 1)->Select; #FAILED

    I get error stating: cant call select on an undefined object. Please tell how to select a particular checkbox(say 3rd or 4th)
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