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    HTML::Entities; Resolved


    I am storing the usual type of form data supplied from a textarea. It may include French characters such as é which are to be allowed into the db.

    When I use the following code, however, the é is being changed to &ampeacute; so that it is being stored that way in the db. then when I recall it to display it on a page, it shows on the screen as é because the & is there.

    the regex I have tried isn't fixing the issue so I wonder if there is a straightforward error that I am overlooking.

    surely this is a bit clunky?

    $description = $vars{'description'};
    $description = encode_entities($description);
    $description =~ s/&/&/g;
    it would help if I was editing the same script as the one I was looking at My 'problem' doesn't actually exist.

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    LOL! Common problem. I've done that before.


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