I have a deadline-driven project that needs a CAPTCHA form inserted into an already existing PERL script.

The existing script is the FormMail.pl script and I'm trying to get the FormMail CAPTCHA script installed in place of this.

My first solution has the simple problem that I cannot find this script anywhere on the net! I go to download it and the download link isn't available. This is the URL:


Even if I do manage to find this script, I'm hesitant to install it as it might conflict with the already-existing FormMail.pl script. Does anyone know how to obtain this script?

My second solution is to integrate a different CAPTCHA. I've tried integrating other CAPTCHA forms into this script but the HTML <form action="mysite/cgi-bin/FormMail.pl" means that I'd have to insert the processing code into a PERL script. Does anyone know how to do this? I'm not familiar with PERL at all and am not sure how to insert a CAPTCHA form into this type of script.

Any help (to either possible solutions) would be greatly appreciated!