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    Quote Originally Posted by bulldawgwrestle View Post
    At http://www.informationpath.net forums section,
    Paypal required for payment.
    .10 per 1, 10 character or more post.
    Minimum of 20 post before payout
    Email bulldawgwrestler@gmail.com when you post on a forum and I will pay you.
    I signed up here. The current payout is 2 cents per post. I guess that fine but yeah I'm hoping the rate goes up. It's easy to get a decent amount of posts though. I signed up about 30 minutes ago and in that time I've written about 15 quality posts and am at .30 cents. Not bad, but I'd like more people there. You guys should join too!

    It's not very active though anybody got a better site that's still p2p?
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    Hi all,

    I am currently working on a new website and will be attaching two 'old ' forums to it, they haven't been in activity since 2006 and while i have added new forum sections to each who will need new threads started on them some of the old ones remain where you will easily find old posts for interaction.

    The URL's are:

    -http://forums.el-cafe.net/index.php , who is an all-talk community

    -http://tech-forums.el-cafe.net/ who is webmaster and tech related

    What I need:

    About 6 posters, who speak english, or french - and why not both.
    (the forums were english language ones, but i've added french forums to make them bilingual communities).

    How I pay:

    -Neteller in priority (Not for US residents of couse)

    -Moneybookers second option

    No Paypal

    How much do I pay:

    0.15 cents per post

    3 options:

    -15 posts for : 3$
    -50 posts for 7.5 $
    -100 posts for 15$

    I'll be finishing the website in a week or two (the forums are already open) so i need people to fill'em up before-while and after i drive traffic in.

    Last Point: No need to say that the posts must be quality posts and must be exclusive (not taken from another forum nor copied elsewhere after)

    If interested please PM me or email me at: rockforwards@gmail.com
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    Looking for forum posters on new forum on well-established site

    Hello all,

    I'm looking for more posts on a forum on a well established site (over 300,000 pageviews / month). Here's what I need...

    Forum posters for HTML, CSS and Javascript topics and a few other topics

    Here's what I can pay ...

    Looking for quality posts, relevant to the topic (i.e. a little thought) from multiple users.

    For quality posts I can pay $0.25 (USD) per post, but will pay more if the post is very good (up to $0.35 (USD)).

    I'm probably going to need about 100 - 200 posts before I launch this live, so possibly looking for multiple people here.

    Payment Method

    Payments will be made at the end of each month, and will be made via paypal.

    If anyone is interested, please contact me via PM or email (brandon [! @ !] aphion [! dot !] com).

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