Need to replicate two charts for my movie site and jazz them up: this and this.

Should add an image (poster) to the left of each movie, with an onmouseover showing a screenshot from the movie. To the right of the table, after Box Office Gross, should be a trailer in Windows Media Player format in high-resolution and medium-resolution formats (no need for low-res as most of our site visitors have broadband). If no Windows Media Player trailer available anywhere on the net then Realplayer format is OK. Should link to review if it's available in our reviews archive at the bottom of this page

So basically the work involves finding a couple of pics and trailers for each of the 20 movies and then presenting the table in a nice-looking way. Must use verdana size two font as on the rest of

Will pay US $50/UK 35 by Paypal or check for this simple and fun task. This is just the start: lots more work available if you do the work professionally.

This is an award-winning site and the work must be done to a high standard: not looking for people who cut corners and just want to make a quick buck.

Please email support AT if you are interested, with links to websites you have worked on stating exactly what you did. If selected, I will get back to you in a week's time and you should be able to email me the two webpages with pictures and trailers attached within ten days.

Thanks for taking the time to read this