Before I get started, I would just like to say that I have specifically asked WA (The Site Admin) if I could post this thread, and he gave me permission to post it even though it breaks the rules slightly.

Ok, getting on..

Hello there, my name is Matthew Wilson and I am a PHP and MySQL coder from the UK. I am currently looking for a business partner, specifically a freelance designer to work with on various projects. I would like to be able to offer a complete service to clients, and as I am not much of a designer myself I want to work with a partner.

I have included more information about this business proposal at a remote URL of mine, , Mainly becuase there is alot of information and I dont want to make too long a post.

If you are interested, the general terms and my contact details are on the web page linked above, so please get in contact with me via there. Just to make it clear, I would like to see some of your previous work... I don't just want to hear about it

Now a little about me:

I have been working and coding php and MySQL applications for 3 years now, I have 2 years practical working knowledge of the language, the first year was spent mainly learning and understanding as much as I could, and only then did I begin using the language to make money for myself

Thanks for your time