If you are an experienced telecom sales professional or you are looking for the right home-based business to augment your current income, I have the perfect opportunity for you.

Telecom & Financial Consultants (T&F) is a master agent. What we do is finding opportunities and send them to the best partner we have relations with and let partner close the deals. Then, our partner compensates T&F in a monthly residual scenario. For example, if a Bank need 5 T3's at each of their 5 sites, we let the Bank know we are able to offer them the best rates through their partners (MCI, Global Crossing, etc.) T&F are unbiased in our consulting since T&F have relations with all the carriers (partners). Then, after the opportunity is closed, T&F’s partner (carrier) compensates us a percentage. The commission is recurring coming based on what is the contract term. So if client sign up 24 month terms, we will receive 24 months commission.

Telecom and Financial Consultants (T&F) has been instituted to support the client and offer them a great solution on many facets of telecommunications and merchant processing services at no cost to our clients. DSL, Frame, ATM, VPN, Voice IP, and Managed Service plus merchant processing.

Our compensation plan is the most generous in the industry, and easy to understand. The more money you generate in sales, the higher commission percentage we'll pay you.

- T&F will look for leads and affiliates. We will be advertising and forward you the leads.
- We will be fully support and train you to ensure you have fully power to do your job.
- Working from home. All of us are working from home.

I am looking for regional manager(s) for the following areas:


Each Regional Manager is in charge of 8-10 states.

This opportunity is open to anybody from any state within USA. For your ZERO investment, you'll get a traiing, support, and much, much more. All you need to do is spend as much time as you care to invest in your new business and offer the products and services to your leads. And best of all…you get paid residual monthly income for each account and you work from home!!

Please contact me ASAP for this great opportunity! I only look for ONE regional manager for each area. Please email me at patricia@tfconsultants.com for any question.