Currently, I am working as a programming osCommerce developer from Canada ( 5 years PHP/MySQL ). For over three years I have been programming on projects using osCommerce exclusively and many years in other IT capacity positions. Currently, work is accepted on the osCommerce system only. I deliver quality results, not buggy code, support, design and proven contributions.

If you require any customization services on osCommerce, I offer the following:
1. custom programming for specialized business functionality
2. all contributions installed and modified to fit any version or fork of osCommerce
3. supported hosting for osCommerce
4. professional service, if they say it can not be done, talk to us
References and examples of past work are available, specialization in custom code writing and have made many specialized business modules for osCommerce not found anywhere else.

If you are interested in a multi site/store vendor based system, we have a development called the oscMall system. Over the last year, we have been working updating on our GPL virtual mall and are releasing the next version of the oscMall System. We are looking for some testers who would be interested in evaluating & testing the system. It can be downloaded on the site http://download.systemsmanager.net or at Source Forge. Please feel free to supply feedback at our forum site http://forum.systemsmanager.net.

A demo/test site for the oscMall System can be found at http://demo.systemsmanager.net

Also, we are always looking for knowledgeable PHP/MySQL programmers who are interested in work with the osCommerce software ( both paid and unpaid ). Come and see what can be attained.

Peter M.
SystemsManager Technologies
icq 707923
msn/yahoo cannuck1964@yahoo.com (for both)