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    Exclamation Please I need help very urgent

    I need some kind person 2 please help me with a java program Im making please someone help me.
    The program will be a Mathematic training program using various message boxes and prompts.
    The teacher will be able to specify the operator to be used and the complexity including the range, and the amount of sums.
    It will also use some GUI's and it will record the score, average, name, age, grade, and as an optional feature (might not include in the program): Network capabilities, user accounts for teachers with special permissions.
    It will also be foolproof and Stable it will use as little system resources as possible and be as user-friendly as can be.
    Basic Summery:
    ~ Uncrashable (Error checking on all input)
    ~ User-friendly (Easy to operate for both pupils and Teachers)
    ~ Special permissions for Teachers (settings of difficulty mark viewing etc)
    ~ Mark Recorded (written to file)(read in the beginning of program)
    ~ Averages and Aggregates (All saved and calculated by the program)
    ~ Teacher Specifies sums and their difficulty
    ~ Different operators can be chosen
    ~ Pupil information (Details including grade, age, names etc.)
    ~ GUI's (Fun screens for kids with buttons etc)

    Please I really need this.....

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    Unfortuantely this category is only for paid requests. Furthermore, it seems you're asking someone to simply create an entire program for you (whether for your homework assignment or otherwise), which really isn't appropriate nor realistic. Due to this, closing thread.
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