hi. i need help; particulars follow.

requirements: complete and thorough knowledge of javascript, vbscript, php (as well as sql/mysql as it relates), and xml; in that order.

would be helpful but not requisite to also have experience with flash actionscript, WSH, asp, visual basic, dos, and cgi (again, in that order).

this person will simply be answering questions; and i have a lot. i'm guessing each 'correspondence' will take between 1 and 4 hours, and probably occur 2-3 times a week. i'll stress that i havent been 'taught' since 1989 in any form, so this is all guesswork - could be very much more or very much less. if you'd want a minimum commitment (for example, i buy your time in blocks of 8 hours), that'd be fine assuming i could do so in a no-risk fashion.

i work almost exclusively with very-high end artists, galleries, art distributors and their vendors (i started out teaching photoshop). thus, most of what we're doing is aesthetic (compliance is secondary, and xhtml may as well not exist) or enabling (e.g., creating executables that perform system maintenance at a click).

duration: ongoing, at least 3 months.

payment schedule: i'm uncertain as to how to approach this, and am flexible; this would occur via chat and email exclusively; during chat it could be hourly, otherwise...? for hourly, i can pay up to $55 an hour - (obviously i'd like this to be less). i can pay via credit card (visa only) or paypal. for the first correspondence, i'll want to reserve payment until services are rendered satisfactorily (or in escrow with a neutral 3rd party); after that i don't mind paying immediately or even prepaying.

contact me with questions/proposals/suggestions at subhailc@yahoo.com