I have a project that consists of using Excel Services to display several views of data from an .xlsx spreadsheet on a SharePoint site. If I start with a blank spreadsheet, mock up some data, name ranges and publish to the share I can get Excel Services to display the data just fine. This is a basic scenario of the simplist kind. No problem.

I've been given a spreadsheet, located on the a network I have access to. There are data connections (I don't know much about these) which seem to populate the spreadsheet.

Monthly this spreadsheet witll be updated and saved with a different file name. And it might not live in the same location on the network. These things make using the spreadsheet a less than optimum source for the data on the SharePoint site (as it will only work for 1 month before needing to be redone). That and I cannot use Excel Services with this spreadsheet anyway -- I get messages about permissions and such.

I need some guidance on how this should be done properly. Ideally I could be walked through it so I learn how I'm suppossed to do it right (or at all).

It seems to me that I need to access those data connections directly and publish the entire spreadsheet to the SharePoint document library. Then call the cell ranges I want to display in the individual Excel Services WebParts I set up.