I have a website that I operate that is run from a PERL script. The website has run well for a while now but now I am getting some errors. I need a talented PERL programmer to help me work this out. I am not a programmer by any means. I know enough to manipulate some things. The site is a free auction website. I am getting a message sometimes on the main page that says something like "item number may not contain any non-numeric characters" and also on some pages where items are listed, there should be pagebreaks that take you to more listings and those are not there. You just get the first 30 items and that's it. The site is still working. People can still list items for sell. Just have these couple of problems. I have a feeling like they are related. If you could PM me or email me and let me know what you would charge, that would be great. I don't have much of a budget. The site is free to use. I might make $1.00 a week on it from people clicking on some ads I have on there. Actually, also, if any talented PERL programmer is interested, I would love to make them a full partner. They would own half the website. People are actually starting to take an interest in the website, which makes it unfortunate that I am having these problems now. Even if you are not interested in a partnership, please let me no what you would charge just to do the work. If you have some sites you have worked on that I could look at, that would be great too. Thanks.