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Thread: Fitness TOOLS

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    Fitness TOOLS

    I don't know where else to post this, sorry if it's in the wrong spot, please move it.

    Hello I need a very good coder that can create some fitness tools that will incorporate into vBulletin forum software. Their is a board that has these tools already, but it is a private members fitness board.

    Please read these carefully and make sure that you can do it:

    1. I need a meal planner where someone inputs their a)Body Weight b)Chooses their Body Type c)and asks them how many meals they eat a day, how old they are, and if they are male or female. Once they input this stuff they press "Calculate My Meals and Calories", and it does just that.

    2. A diet planner where one can create a diet for themselves with the help of the planner.

    3. A food database section

    4. A exercise video section

    5. A shopping e-store like here, http://extremefitness.com/shop/index.php

    6. A diet and chart section

    Now I need a good professional coder that can do these things.

    Thanks please PM me if you can do this and only if you are serious.

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    Are you paying for the work, if so, what is your budget?

    If you want an e-commerce store you're looking at at least $400, and with the other sections that could go up to > $1000.

    If you can afford such prices then it would be an idea to say so, giving coders the ability to decide if the number of hours is worth the money they could get.

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    It would also help to mention if you will be providing the massive amounts of data and formulae required or if you expect the applicants to source this for you.

    These requests arent really 'tools that will incorporate into vBulletin forum software', what you're looking for is a fully featured fitness/diet site (of which there are loads online already) to which you will add-on your pre-existing forum.
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