I have 5 years Flash experience and i use it a fair bit in day to day life.

PHP i have only been doing for a year but i've made many many scripts, debugged scripts ect and i find i am very talented at PHP.

HTML/XHTML i've been doing for a very long time along with CSS.

I may not be able to do everything but if you contact me with anything you need making i will certainly tell you if i can do it or if i can't. I also will not lie, if i think i could possibly do it but im not sure how good it would turn out, i will say no.. i won't waste mine or your time making something to poor quality.. especially if i charge for it.

My prices are reasonable and i do not work on a hourly basis, i charge on what is required to be made and i come to some agreement with the client.

You can PM me here at codingforums or if you want a quicker more efficient conversation with me you can add me on MSN Messenger or email me:

MSN: muncey_2005@hotmail.com
Email: daniel.muncey@gmail.com

If you email me at my MSN address you will more than likely not get a reply, i do not check these as i get loads of spam on MSN and i just think their email service is poor.

Hope to hear from some people soon!