We are a freelance web design and software development company. Our team members are highly talented and have years of experience behind them in their area of expertise. We guarantee you professional services for any budget. Each site is unique and bespoke, tailored specifically to your requirements.
If you're still looking for the right web company or web developer for your needs, could you be so kind and check:
Our site: http://oxygenworks.net
Our portfolio of implemented projects: http://oxygenworks.net/portfolio.html
Our designer’s portfolio: http://www.oxygenworks.net/designers/

Our latest projects:
http://automotivejobsonline.com/ - site redesign
http://www.operaglasses.net/ - new logo development, site redesign, buttons pack, advertisement banners.
http://skincareorganix.com/ - site redesign
http://japanesepod101.com/ - new design concept development
http://www.nightvisionplanet.com - new logo development, site redesign, buttons pack, advertisement banners.
http://www.nightgalaxy.com - new logo development, site redesign, buttons pack, advertisement banners.
http://europabags.com/ - site redesign
http://www.LuxuryHomesOfHawaii.com - site redesign
http://www.ziogigis.com - new site design, flash, site development.
http://www.amorebridalcouture.com - design and flash development
http://www.anthonysgrillparadiseisland.com - new site creation per client requirements
http://i22.wwwoz.com/ - site redesign
http://russianmegastore.com/ - site redesign
http://www.1stcostaricarealty.com/ - flash intro and site design
http://texas-attorney-malpractice.com/ - site for personal injury lawyers at San Antonio, Texas
http://www.goldstrikemobile.com/ - website for wireless mobile game
http://www.forschtorr.co.uk/ - company website, flash header and flash menu
http://www.mafiamassacre.com - Simple HTML website for promotion and buying of an eBook. Payment processing system implemented.
http://evilempirechoppers.com/ - biker's site
http://iwantmusclenow.com/ - new site design
http://www.oxygenworks.net/designers...deshowpro.html - flash gallery
http://www.nwohioproperties4sale.com/ - site redesign
http://chitika.com/ - site design
http://www.fastlister.com/ - new site design
http://www.elbalazo.net/ - new site design; Mexican restaurant
http://www.wholesalespotlight.com/ - new site design
http://www.mixtapehut.com/ - design and flash
http://www.developme.com.au/mm5/merchant.mvc - new design

http://www.oxygenworks.net/portfolio/game/ - flash game development.
Was done in conjunction with M Design Interactive, we have worked on
script part only.
http://desireflooring.com/ - site CMS
http://www.thecascadingstyle.com/Rezoomiol/ - custom tool for the site
http://www.healthway.com/ - site backend (e-commerce, product catalogue, dealer locator, articles, news, advanced search, testimonials)
http://www.velonews.com - Back-end development. Forum, search, calendar, newsletter, classifieds, subscriptions, news.
http://insidetri.com/ - several backend tools for contents management

You can contact me directly at Yahoo/AIM – helenkoshkina.