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    Mozilla TB extension needed

    Looking for a fast coder with the capability to write a mozilla thunderbird extension.

    Here are the details:

    We are an auto brokerage, which in case you aren't familiar is basically an auto-buying service. ("It takes the pain out of car buying." <laugh> )
    Basically we receive referrals from Credit Unions and specific inquiries on new or used cars, and our brokers go and find them. Our website is www.cu-autosolution.com.

    We use thunderbird as our email client at the company, with all of our employees accessing their mail on our local mail server through IMAP. Management here wants all email reviewed before being distributed, so I have set up a forwarder on the mail server that dumps all mail addressed to our employees into a Staff Account that I use as the default mail account at my machine. I have added every employee account to this machine as well, so after reviewing mail, I simply select the email and move-to [Employee Inbox]. We get away with this cheap and simple system since there are so few employees (~10). (Before I got here a few months ago they were printing all emails and placing them in physical inboxes.)

    There are two types of email that have specific "needs" associated with them. These are the inquiries and referrals I mentioned earlier. The business requirement is to log all of these, which allows for mining some basic information and determining to which employee they've been distributed to. This allows management to do simple things like figure out how many referrals a broker has received from a certain credit union in the last month. In addition to logging them, it is necessary to archive a copy of each email logged.

    I decided earlier today that I would learn how to write an extension for TB that would take care of what I want, but upon investigating I realized this would be better suited to someone who has experience and can hack it out quickly, since I'm currently creating a database application for the company that is consuming all my time. So here's where you come in

    Here is what I envision. (Or something along these lines):
    A button located on the main toolbar will perform an action on an email or group of emails. This event will open a window that will contain a preview pane for the email, a few option controls that will determine type (referral or inquiry), destination (employee), etc, and several data entry form fields that will collect the basic information about the referral or inquiry. After the user (me) enters the pertinent information, a "Send" button will.
    a) output the field information to a text file
    b) send one copy, marked 'unread', to the selected mailbox
    c) archive one copy (move it to an IMAP folder)

    A few notes:
    -Performing the action on multiple emails might add a layer of costly complexity, so it's not necessary. But what I was thinking was that implementing it would just pull up (n) modal extension windows stacked right on top of each other, but I don't know how and if this is done.

    -To reiterate, the reason I've imagined this as the solution is that my manager wants to be able to perform these actions in my absence, and so far she's been unable to remember the right-click, move-to inbox action. This is why I want the solution to be extremely simple.

    -I'm looking for a quick and dirty answer, since the company doesn't see the justification for spending money on IT solutions, and any solution I create for them has to be useable by them. (Right now I'm still printing the emails out and then typing the information into a spreadsheet at the end of the week per their instructions.)

    -If the project is sufficiently trivial (I find someone who is fast), an extended capability would be to automatically grab some of the form information from the email body where possible, since the majority of our inquiries are created by webforms and are therefore consistent.

    So finally:
    If this is an involved project, the cost won't be justified. From what I know about the mozilla framework, this should be pretty simple. Ideally someone would want to do this for free as a learner project, but I'm probably dreaming Otherwise payment is negotiable, would be $200-300.

    I look forward to hearing from someone.

    John Harris

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    I have identified your problem and I will let you in on it for free!

    my manager wants to be able to perform these actions in my absence, and so far she's been unable to remember the right-click, move-to inbox action

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    Haha, yes, I know. It makes my job interesting. However, what I've outlined should definitely be something she can be trained to do.


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