This should be a simple small project for a seasoned PHP coder.

There is a free shopping cart ( that I need to extend the functionality of. Specifically this...

"The other is wf_get_info, again, if you do not pass info to add_item then get_info will be called. TIP: you do not have to pass a string to add_item(), you could use an array of infomation instead. e.g. add_item( 'AS2112',5,19.95,array('size'=>'large','color'=>'red')); then when you use get_contents, you echo $item['info']['color'] etc."

So, I need to be able to call the array in the last parameter. I need to be able get this part of the code working (current there is no wf_get_info() function):

PHP Code:
$info wf_get_info($itemid);

So, I just need someone to create that function for me (at least that is my understanding).

I can pay the $15 via PayPal.