The new has been launched and it is now open to the public. The goal of the site is to provide a quality source of information that people can trust and rely on when doing their research for a new host.

Here you can earn $2 via PayPal by reviewing your web host, subject to these conditions:

1) All reviews require that you submit a valid URL in the "Domain Hosted" field. This is the site that was or currently is hosted by the company you are reviewing. All domains are checked through DomainTools' Hosting History for verification, so failure to do this will result in your review getting deleted. You can choose to hide this URL from the public.

2) You must provide at least two solid paragraphs in your review, giving concrete examples of why you like or dislike your web host. Any less isn't very helpful to the reader, nor fair to the web host, and therefore won't be posted.

3) Your review must be original. It may not be taken from any other site, nor should it be posted on any other site at a later date.

4) You may submit multiple reviews, as long as you can provide a valid URL in the "Domain Hosted" field for each review. If you want to submit more than 5 reviews, please contact me after your 5th review has been submitted, so that I can give you the ok on this.

5) You may not review free providers like Geocities, Angelfire, Lycos, FortuneCity, etc. nor ISPs like Rogers and Bell. You may only do this if you actually have your own domain name and the domain is not a subdomain or extension of theirs.

6) Your review must be in proper english (grammar and spelling).

If you have read the conditions above, please submit your review at:

Once you have done this, PM me with the name you submitted, your host, and your PayPal email address. Also when you do this, please post a reply here so I know when to check my private messages. I will be checking this page several times per day.