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    2 hrs work. $100 budget, clean 2 templates and a css file.

    Hi everyone, I need someone for about 2 hours work. The job is to clean and optimise two basic template pages and one css file.

    Make sure the css is all correct (it validates)
    Check the div layout make sure everything is correct. I would like the divs to be changed so that when people upsize the text it does not destroy the layout (most of this tweaking i have done). Some of the divs could probably do with being dumped out altoghter.
    Cut out any javascript and have it called up from a seperate js file.
    Cut out all header css styles and put in a seperate css file.

    Both templates are built in Strict mode. one template validates but has warnings, which i would like fixed. the other templates is the same, but my iframe has a few warnings flagged and therefore does not validate, although i suspect this a css fix. I want everything to validate and work from ie6 and ff1 upwards (it already does) so that i can learn.

    All in all, it is probably more a cut and paste job, move things around etc.

    I cannot post the site up here as its a commercial website, but i can pm it.

    Paypal only, $100 budget. It may lead to other work. I will pay 50% upfront and ideally would like completion asap. I do not care if it only 15 minutes - I will pay the agreed budget instantly. I am uk based so on uk time. I have msn, skype, email and telepathy.

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    Hi Kev,

    Count me in and check your mail.


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    I to have sent you an email.

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    I was first who send you e-mail


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