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    HIRING: Coder to build small widget

    I need an AJAX/PHP widget that other webmasters can install on their sites simply by copying and pasting a small chunk of code. It will function as a mini search engine that queries a niche database on my (MySQL) server and returns the top result.

    The components of this tool are:

    1. Client side JavaScript. This should be as compact and simple as possible, and it's output able to be styled according to the site it's being put on (eg, background colour, font colour, font face and font size).
    2. Database query in PHP. This should search for exact matches, typos and misspellings etc.
    3. Method of sending the closest match back to the client once retrieved (I assume XML).
    4. Display of data by the client side JS. Because the length of the returned data varies a lot, it's probably best to put this in a fixed size scrollable area (again, the size should be able to be chosen by the 3rd party).
    5. Most importantly of all, this must be done securely so there is no risk to my data and without needing to reload the page (hence the requirement for AJAX).

    What I don't want (I add this because many people still end up suggesting it even after reading the above):

    1. An iFrame based solution.
    2. A flash solution.

    I'm tendering this at $100 because that's the average bid I'm receiving on Rentacoder. I don't actually know how long this job will take though. If you think it's a bigger job and can justify this, and your ability, then I'm perfectly willing to consider a higher price for the right person.

    I have files from a previous coder who did not complete the task. Although the widget didn't work (the search matching was too broad, and the remote XML communication simply didn't work at all) you may find it useful to take a look at it and are quite welcome to.

    Please reply in this thread rather than PMing me, thanks.
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    I'm very interested in this project. If you'd like to discuss this project PM me with some contact info and we'll get in touch, I have just about every IM/email client out there.

    Thanks for your time.


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