I am starting a new contest for forum posting.

The forum page is http://www.australia.accommodationar...om/travelforum

and I am looking for some quality travel posts to kick start my forum and make it attractive to users. The better the information, the better the forum, and the more people are attracted to it. (or that is the theory)

The contest starts now and will run until 1 August 2007. You can begin at any time from now to then.

Payment via Paypal Only

There will be 4 winners as follows. To be eligible, you must reach the minimum posting level.

1 - $20 (Minimum 100 Posts)
2 - $10 (Minimum 75 Posts)
3 - $10 (Minimum 75 Posts)
4 - $10 (Minimum 75 Posts)

Rules (some leeway allowed.):

- must be original content.
- All posts must make sense and be on topic. No one sentence statements.
- Fluent English, correct grammar and spelling
- posts should be spread over whole of forum.
- paypal payments only.
- You must register as a new user. Only users registered past this date will be included, as older posts will not.
- Administrator is not included.

I will try to post weekly reports on who is winning

Good luck

Thanks continuum