I am trying to get something made for creating team schedules. A person would fill out a form, click submit and it would store the schedule in a database. It would then assign it a page like "www.website.com/bakerschedule.php. In the form it would start off with a person selecting what class the team is in. Once the person selects the class the page reloads and they can select a Region. Once they select the region the page would reload again and then they could select a team. All of this would be done by drop down menus. Then under that they would input the date and the team they are playing. After the schedule is submitted it is grouped with other teams in their class and region. (All of the regions are grouped together. For example: Class 6A Region 1. Someone looking at schedules would see a page called, for example, 6A Schedules. On that page there would be 8 different sections. Region 1, Region 2, Region 3,etc. Under a region they would be able to select a team. When clicking on a team it would take them to a page with the teams schedule on it. Another feature I would like is for me to be able to go back and edit a schedule and/or add onto it in the case of that team getting into the playoffs. I guess this could be done by logging into an "admin area" and selecting a team from the list and clicking on an "edit" button. Also in the edit section there should be a place where I could add scores. When I add a score it would show up on that teams schedule. Then in the same editing section I can add a team's record. A team's record would show up beside the team's score. The schedule would be a table. It would have 4 columns and 10 or more rows which would be determined if that team advanced to the playoffs. The first column would be for "Date", the second column would be for "Opponent", the third columb would be for "Score" and the fourth columb would be for "Record". Then the rows would be labled "Week 1" , "Week 2", etc. Thanks for reading this! I hope I gave enough information for you to give me an accurate price.