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    PAID - Javascript dropdown menu project

    I'm looking for someone to help me finish up a javascript menu I've been working on. Here is the current state:


    Here's what I want acomplished:
    1. when the user clicks a main category (logo, brochures, etc) I want that section to stay "on" or red until the user clicks a different main category.
    2. the blue boxes that show up under each main category need to have an on, off, clicked/active, visited state. Similar to the main categories except the main categories will not have a visited state.
    3. lastly, I'm not sure how hard it would be to add some script.aculo.us effects when the user clicks a main category. Maybe a blinddown when the submenu opens up or something. Even better yet, if the little blue boxes could fade in, in sucession, which would give the effect of them building on the screen.

    I want well commented code so I go back and learn from it and also possibly add to it in the future. This code should work on multiple browsers both mac and PC.

    This nav is for my personal site so I don't have a huge budget and I'm also not sure how this will take but does $50-$100 sound fair? This will be payable when the work is completed via paypal or some other agreed upon method. Just PM me and we can talk, make sure to give a me timeframe of when you can have this work completed.


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    about your post

    Hello there

    I am interested in this Project. You can contact me in following
    MSN: gau4mark@hotmail.com
    Yahoo: gauravmahimkar
    AIM: oss4web

    please let me know your reply to proceed further.



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