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    ANY CSS positioning GURU's please reply $$$

    Well I am attemptiong my first full css tabless layout and well im pulling may hair out i know i could cut this site up in 30 min have it layed out in tables in an hour and go out for the weekend BUT!!!! im forcing myself to do this the right way... soo I throw myself on the mercy of the CSS GODs If you have AIM or some other messenger please contact me i wont bug you too much just ask you questions every now and then to point me along in the right direction.. I also have paypal and can pay you for your consulting. Either respond to this thread and i will contact you. or send me a private message through the board Oh the project needs to be completed in 2 days so umm no rush or anything


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    I believe this is the wrong forum. If you want help you need to post some code.
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    Hello bocaj,
    If you have a specific question this is the place. We'd all prefer a link to your test site but posting your code (using the code tags in the post/reply window, click on the # ) will work too.

    If your trying to hire someone there is a forum here for that too. Check http://www.codingforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=36

    If you want to just try a tutorial or two there are LOTS of good link in the sticky topics at the top of this forum.

    Good luck and don't hesitate to post a question here if you run into trouble!
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