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    Need help with name of business

    I've got an idea to help me and earn you $5! I have written a web-based budget script, and I'm getting to the phase of needing a concrete name and domain to start publishing the beta version to. I have a temporary name I've used, but I want to come up with something better. I'll give a description of my script first.

    The budget script basically allows you to fill out your budget and then keep track of your finances to match against what you budgeted. This is meant to be a long-term solution for your personal finances. First off, you enter in the areas where you spend money each month. Then, you budget how much you want to spend monthly in each area. Once you've filled out your budget entries, you can then add actual incomes and actual receipts. They are stored in the database, so you can keep track of where you're spending your money, how much, etc. I also have built a "Check Register" to help you keep track of where your checks were spent, what check number, how much, etc.

    So that's what the script does. Now, here's where you all come in. I need a business name that describes what the script does. I've come up with a couple, but they aren't very creative. I want your creative help!

    Come up with a creative and/or catchy business name for the script. This business name must have a domain name available that is exactly (or very close to exactly) like the business name. For instance, if the name you come up with is "Business Name," the domain open should be businessname.com.

    If I like the name you come up with, I will pay you $5.00 USD. You must have a PayPal account for payment.

    I reserve the right to not choose any name if I don't like them. Now, let those creative juices start working!
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    S.O.F - Smart Online Finance
    AMB - All monetary budgeting
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    BSF: be smart financially
    save youself
    save money
    budget online
    budget freely
    money budget
    free budgeting
    blue goose budgeting

    To find available domain names click here. They are not necessarily business names.

    off topic:// My 200th post!
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