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    In Depth Site Reviews - Only $2

    Hello all.

    I have started up my new blog about a week ago now. I am looking to put some full website reviews that would talk about every aspect of your site, and then posted (of course) for everyone to see. If you choose to get a review, it will drive some traffic to your site - And that's definately worth $2!

    Anyway, if you choose to get a review on my site, as I mentioned before, it would cost $2 and would be payed with Paypal. I will keep the reviews to a fairly long size, but not so long that the readers get bored and not so short that it doesn't cover everything (or everything that needs covering).

    Of course these reviews could be for a hosting company, blog, online business - Anything at all!

    If you are interested, then please PM me or post in this topic. If you have any questions, then please post them in here because they might benefit others who are considering.

    Hope to have some reviews on my site soon.

    EDIT: Ooops... Forgot the link:

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    Do u review dutch sites too?

    What is it that u exactly review? Sounds interesting!

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    Please note that solicitations (aka self promotion) are not allowed on CF forums per the rules. Due to this, this thread will be deleted soon.
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