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    ws2k3 deploying WAR files

    i have a java chat server/client application which i got from http://nfcchat.sourceforge.net/ but the instalation guide only says how to use WAR files on tomcat (the Tomcat webapps directory), and i am using windows server 2003

    can i run WAR files on ws2k3 and if so, how

    alternatively, does anyone know where i can get a similar java chat applet that does not use irc, or a tutorial on making one (im pretty panta at java, i made one chat thing once, well..sort of.. it was like 2 files big and 1 was a multicast connection, and i didnt really know what i was doing anyway

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    You can install Tomcat alongside IIS on your machine if you like. I've chosen to ignore Java and JSP based solutions myself since I noticed that Sun has proprietary control of that language despite all their declarations about it being an "open" language so I'm not a good resource for Java questions.

    If you want to avoid installing what amounts to a second web server on your system you might want to look at these links:

    Check out the Forum Search. It's the short path to getting great results from this forum.


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