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Thread: ' htpasswd '

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    ' htpasswd '

    I recently set up my ".htaccess" at << You DONT have to look if you dont want too

    Now, I enter
    "admin" as my username, and "k7YuHeFv"
    (Without the quotes) as my password...

    However, I came accross a tutorial site that had said it will encrypt your password for you if you type it in the box
    So I typed in k7YuHeFv - and it said it had "encrypted" it
    so it came out with this wLhGEkTk9tqkA

    So then it said beneath that, make your htpasswd
    file like this:


    then save it as htpasswd

    So I did that, but for some reason it doesn't work on my login?
    Does anyone know why this is occuring?
    IE: Go to if you want...
    And enter admin as the username, and k7YuHeFv
    As the password.... Notice it doesn't work....
    Would anyone know why that is?
    Do I need to change the wLhGEkTk9tqkA
    to my actual password I want maybe?

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    your server is apache on windows , you probably got the password hash from a site running *NIX , whilst htpasswd program is essentially the same on both , *NIX & win32 use different hashing algorithms.

    as you have apache you probably have the htpasswd program in c:/program files/apache group/apache/bin/ (or similar)

    use that to create your password files and they will work ( open a dos window and cd to the /bin directory and type `htpasswd --help` for more info )
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    And is this doesn't seem to have anything to do with PHP let's move it to the Other Server Side Issues forum....
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